The Wings of Icarus

by The Wings of Icarus

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If you think any of this album is about you, it probably isn't.


released August 22, 2014




The Wings of Icarus Plymouth, UK

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Track Name: An Apology
The blackened wings of wax
Can never keep you afloat
In a churning sea of guilt
You are destined to be drowned

Through the pertinence of fate
Burning flames destroyed the wings
In an inferno of heat
You are destined to only fall

An apology to you the one I hurt
Return me to my reverie

Who are you?
Who am I?
Who are you?
Who am I?
Who are you?
Who am I?
Track Name: Closure
When you take the time and figure out where you were wrong
You’ll know
When you realise every ounce of time you spent alone
Was yours
When you say goodbye the world will know that you have done
Your time
When you said you cared were you telling me the truth,
Or a lie?

Good bye
The time we shared was short
Worth more to me than you
A scar upon my sleep
Good bye
The things I can’t forget
Will never truly leave
A need for closure

When you lose the things you know you’ll never get again
You’re wrong
When you know that if you never change you’ll be the same
When you say there’s nothing wrong and it’s okay you’re fine
It’s a lie
When you realise I have nothing more to say, you’ll go
I am mine